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My name is Lim Pei Lee.

I live with my aged father in Kampung Jawa, near the
town of Shah Alam in the state of Selangor, Malaysia.

I was born on 13 February 1979, with the rare
genetic disease, Neurofibromatosis 2, or NF2,
which affects about one in 50,000.

This difficult disease causes the growth of benign
tumors in the brain and along the spine. Most of
these are acoustic neuromas and vestibular
schwannomas on the 8th or auditory nerve, which
have been responsible for my deafness, optic
gliomas which caused the loss of sight in my right eye,
meningiomas and other schwannomas on the spine.

I had surgery in one of the government hospitals to
remove an acoustic neuroma in 1995. I am currently
under investigation for possible surgery to remove
additional tumors.

Both my elder brother and sister, as well as my
mother, died many years ago from NF2.

Here is some information on NF2.


 University of Arizona

 National Institutes of Health

Here are some videos on NF2.

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